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AHA register of clinical supervisors

Supervision is a mandatory requirement for all AHA practicing members. Supervision is an important part of an AHA hypnotherapist’s membership requirements, it also acts as a form of quality control for the public.  All practicing members must complete a minimum amount of hours of supervision to maintain their membership:

  • Supervision sessions are to be attended each month.

  • If Professional, then 6 individual one on one sessions are required with the other six sessions being able to be done in group if a qualified supervisor is present.  

  • If clinical, then 12 points of supervision are required if one on one, 24 points of peer group or a combination of both.  Clinical members can do all supervision in a peer group.  Clarification on the 24 points versus 12:  Most peer support groups will run for 2 hours or more to allow all participants time to engage.  It is only for this reason that more points are gathered.

Supervision can be done via Zoom, Skype and similar platforms and you are not confined to a supervisor in your own state.  The AHA recommends speaking with several supervisors so that you can find the right fit for you on all levels.

Recording your supervision

Please note that all supervision is to show date  /  duration  / type of supervision (individual, group or peer) and signed by your supervisor / peer group leader or participant (not yourself).  A signed letter from your supervisor will also be accepted providing it contains the above information.  An email will also be accepted as long as the email from the supervisor includes the above information and is forwarded intact to the AHA admin showing who it came from and on what date.

The benefits of using an AHA supervisor

The most important benefit from your perspective is that to gain AHA membership, clinical supervisors have to meet the high standards set by the AHA in terms of training and qualifications.

AHA clinical supervisors are required to follow guidelines in regard to professional conduct, responsibilities and confidentiality and these are set out in the AHA Code of Ethics.  AHA cinical supervisors also have the benefit of the Association to help them with their work and continuing professional development. AHA clinical supervisors bring the benefit of this support to the work they do with their clients – you.

All AHA Registered Clinical Supervisors meet the following criteria:

  • Have been clinical members of the AHA for 5 years or more.

  • Completed an AHA recognised course of training in clinical supervision.

  • Carry a current certificate of professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance

  • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of professional/clinical supervision annually.

For the nearest qualified and accredited clinical supervisor in your area please contact the advisory line on: 1300 552 254.  Alternatively, click on the relevant state name below to contact an Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association’s clinical supervisor in your state.

Find a supervisor : AHA qualified supervisors list - more information on each supervisor

Please note: The AHA is in the process of collating further information for participating supervisors.  This will result in an Australia wide document (given online supervision is more and more prevalent) providing more information to prospective supervisees in order to assist the decision making process.  It is important to note that not all supervisors have yet provided their information so both the above lists and the new one should be utilised.

This document is an excel spreadsheet so that it can be sorted according to your own search requirements - ie by location, name, specialty etc.

Find a supervisor : AHA qualified supervisors - list state by state

New South Wales  Queensland  South Australia
Victoria  Tasmania  Western Australia
Northern Territory    


AHA peer support groups

Peer support groups are held in each state.  Please contact your state peer supervision co-ordinator / SEO / Membership secretary via the contact us page.  

About clinical supervisors

Every applicant for recognition as an accredited supervisor for the AHA must first be deemed likely to be accepted without reservation by all the clinical members.

Every clinical member and above is therefore entitled and obliged, if an applicant is considered unacceptable (with particular respect to good fame, personal reputation and character), to report any such reservation, substantiated in writing, for consideration by the executive committee.

The AHA will always uphold the principle of natural justice / procedural fairness; however, every applicant is required to acknowledge that the executive committee may refuse to accept the application, or may refuse to admit the applicant for accreditation, without the executive committee being required to provide any reason or explanation for its actions.

If any clinical member considers that a current applicant is not acceptable, they are to forward their substantiated report to the executive committee. The executive committee will treat all such reports in the strictest confidence.

Reciprocal Supervisor agreements

Registered supervisors from other hypnotherapy associations will also be recognised as long as they have completed the appropriate supervision training.


Become an AHA clinical supervisor

If you are a Supervisor interested in joining the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association please contact the AHA administrator on 1300 55 22 54 or

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