New member & upgrade application information

New member information

The AHA membership year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March each year.  New members are welcome to join mid year and will be invoiced on a pro rata basis to align with the standard membership year.

Please read the requirements carefully and ensure all documentation is sent in via email at the same time as completion of the online application form

AHA Code of Ethics

New applicants, please note that you are asked to agree to the Code of Ethics when completing an application form.  To view: AHA Code of Ethics 

Student membership

The only requirement for student membership is that you are studying hypnotherapy and can provide evidence of enrolment with your application.  Please complete the student online application form.  

Please email your proof of enrolment in a hypnotherapy course to at the time of your application.  

This level of membership has no cost.  

Student members are not eligible to be placed on the practitioner directory or able to use the AHA logo.

Once you have graduated, please see the information listed under professional membership below for requirements to upgrade to that level of membership.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is for anyone who has an interest in hypnotherapy but is not practicing as a hypnotherapist.  Yearly fees are $44.00 and pro rata fees will be applied if joining mid membership year.  Please complete the affiliate online application form.  Affiliate members are not eligible to be placed on the practitioner directory or able to use the AHA logo.

Professional membership

Please note that the minimum requirement for professional membership is completion of a hypnotherapy course of 600 hours or more that must also include a minimum of 110 hours of basic counselling / psychology processes.

Student members: Please think carefully about upgrading before you are completely ready.  Supervision and CPD are required from the moment your professional membership application is approved.  If you think you will not be practicing and therefore unable to meet membership requirements, it may be advisable to wait to upgrade to professional membership.  Supervision hours are not dependent on the amount of clients you see (or don't see) - it has to be done regardless.

You will require: 

  • All copies of your qualifications; signed by a JP, a police officer or a pharmacist (unless study has been completed at an AHA recognised school). 

  • A copy of your current First Aid Certificate (Provide First Aid HLTAID003 is the required course)

  • A copy of your Professional Indemnity insurance.   
    Health care funds require a Public Liability Policy and a Professional Indemnity Policy as a Hypnotherapist for an Indemnity amount of no less than $2,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover and a $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance cover. Fenton Green offers AHA members a discounted rate.

  • 3 references, one (1) from your training institution and two (2) from people who are not related to you and who have known you professionally for at least two (2) years and can attest to your professional capabilities, good fame, reputation and character.  Please ensure these written references are signed by the author.

  • A police criminal history record check: Please note that a police check is required at time of upgrade or new application regardless of whether you have a working with children or not.  The two checks cover different areas.  (if using Fit2work, please ensure you complete the purpose of the application or description of duties to avoid delays and confusion).  Please do not send the badge details to the AHA.  Please download the entire PDF report and send that.

  • If you intend working with children in your practice you are required to contact the relevant child protection authorities in your state and obtain any necessary working with children clearances. These application forms can be found at most post offices and online.

  • Copy of your driver's license or passport.

  • You are required to pay a one off non-refundable application fee of $44 inc GST 

  • You are required to pay a yearly registration fee of $50.00 for the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia's public register of practitioners (more information on the HCA can be found here and notes from the Symposia Feb 2020)  NOTE:  this fee has been temporarily suspended until the AHA receives assurances that maintenance of the register will continue.  At present, there is no official & permanent person within HCA dealing with the register.  New members details will still be sent to the HCA.

  • If you have completed a course with an AHA recognised training organisation your first yearly membership fee of $240 is waived (this applies for 5 years post graduation). Professional membership registration fee is $240 inc GST and is due by the 31st of March each year.   NOTE:  this fee has been temporarily reduced to $140 for 2021 only.  This is the AHA's acknowledgement that 2020 and 2021 have been challenging for all.

  • If you have completed a course with a non AHA recognised training organisation, a pro rata invoice will be issued at the time of application lodgement.  To check if your training organisation is AHA recognised, please go to the AHA recognised training page.

  • Complete the online professional application form  

  • All documentation to be emailed at time of application to

From the time professional membership has been approved, you will be required to attend monthly supervision which must include 6 individual supervision sessions per year.  The remaining 6 sessions can be completed in either group sessions or individual.  Please note: Group supervision will almost always be of 2 hours duration to allow all present adequate time.  The expected hours of supervision for group will therefore be 12 hours over the 6 sessions. 

At renewal, you must provide evidence that you have attended 12 supervision sessions per year with at least six of those being one on one supervision.  The evidence must include the date / type / duration and be signed by your supervisor.  This can be via email, letter or your supervision record card.  

If you joined mid membership year then pro rata is 1 point per month of membership.

You will also be required to accrue 20 points (hours) of annual CPD.  If joining mid year, this works out to 1.666 points per month of membership.  Please also note that excess CPD can be carried over to the following membership year (one year limit only).

Additional information regarding criteria and levels of study accepted for professional membership.

Students upgrading to professional

If you are an existing student member, you are still required to complete and submit a new professional application formAll documentation to be emailed at time of application to

Professional members upgrading to clinical

Once professional membership is approved, then members will record all client hours on a log book provided by the AHA.  Once a professional member has reached 500 client hours while seeing a supervisor monthly, then clinical membership can be applied for by simply submitting the log book and a confirmation letter from the supervisor to  Once documentation is reviewed and assessed, your membership will be changed to clinical and a new certificate will be issued.

There is no cost for upgrading from professional to clinical membership.

International membership

Please email your hypnotherapy qualification/s to at the time of lodging your application.

Please note the following:

  • If your training meets the AHA criteria of 600 hours or more of study, you will appear on the AHA practitioner directory

  • If your training does not meet the AHA criteria, you will not be eligible to appear on the practitioner directory.

Clinical membership

The AHA will rarely accept a new member at this level of membership due to private health fund requirements and AHA policy.  

If you have been in the hypnotherapy industry for many years, or have been a long term clinical level member with another association (and membership criteria is similar) then there are exemptions to the above and we welcome your enquiry to apply directly for clinical membership.  If this is the case then please refer to the requirements listed above under professional membership.

Please note: new graduates are not eligible to apply at clinical level.  Yearly fees are $240.00 and pro rata fees will be due if joining mid membership year.  NOTE:  this fee has been temporarily reduced to $140 for 2021 only.  This is the AHA's acknowledgement that 2020 and 2021 have been challenging for all.