AHA QLD Workshop & General Meeting - 5 Stages of Living Well with Autoimmune Conditions with Maggie Wilde - March 14th 2022

5 Stages of Living Well with Autoimmune Conditions with Maggie Wilde
14 March 2021
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One day online workshop with Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist | The 5 Stages of Living Well with Autoimmune Conditions | Incorporating Maggie’s 3-Step Brain Training Model – and Virtual Stem-Cell Hypnosis Therapy™ by Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

One day online workshop with Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist

The 5 Stages of Living Well with Autoimmune Conditions

Incorporating Maggie’s 3-Step Brain Training Model – and Virtual Stem-Cell Hypnosis Therapy™ by Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Three out of every 4 people in Australia are impacted by the effects of one or more autoimmune conditions … with over 5 million people currently living in Victoria, that is a potential client base of more than 3.75 million people who need your help.

This workshop presents a 5-step system to help your clients help themselves to find peace with their body, manage symptoms and reduce or potentially eliminate the reoccurrence of flares.

What you can expect:

  • A multi-dimensional 5-Step approach to managing and reducing flares

  • Understanding of the immune system and the use of Autoimmune Metaphor Therapy to reprogram and reset a healthy immune system.

  • Understanding of Virtual Stem-Cell Therapy System™ to enhance stem-cell division and repair cell and organ damage 

  • Victim or Victor Mindset reframing to cope with Invisible Disorders

  • The Current Movement to Person-Centred Individual Treatment plans.

At this moment in time, there are more than 80 recognised autoimmune disorders. They range from well-known disorders to the rarer syndromes. Examples are:

•    Rheumatoid Arthritis
•    Type 1 Diabetes
•    Lupus
•    Multiple Sclerosis
•    Psoriasis 
•    Vasculitis
•    Thyroiditis
•    Hashimotos
•    Ulcerative Colitis
•    Graves’ Disease and more 

Then the rarer examples:

•    Scleroderma
•    Myocitis
•    Asherson’s Syndrome and many others.

Maggie will outline the systems she developed over the last 30 plus years to work with autoimmune conditions.

She has worked with thousands of clients and supports a social media group of 3000 plus members in her Living Well with Autoimmune Community. 

Diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions at the age of 19, Maggie developed these strategies to survive. Life threatening allergies to the generally prescribed medications meant that it was imperative that Maggie found other ways to manage the symptoms. Throughout the 30 plus years since diagnosis, Maggie has recovered from multiple near-death experiences, a severe stroke, epilepsy and stage 4 kidney failure triggered by many autoimmune flares during those first 20 years.

Her survival and ability to help others with the strategies she’ll outline today is what many of her specialists report as ‘unusual’ or ‘an anomaly.’ Her renal, rheumatology and Neurology Specialists commonly are heard to say as they scratch their heads and peruse her normal range blood tests, “It’s unusual, whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.


In the last session of the day Maggie Wilde will share her Publishing and Social Media Marketing expertise to help you: 

Future Proof Your Business

The 7 Steps to grow an organic global client-base and secure your business.

The most dangerous number in business is the number ONE.

When you have one way of attracting clients and one way of earning an income, one way of communicating or providing your service to your clients, if something or someone interferes with that ‘one way’, your business is impacted in ways that are often out of your control.

As practitioners we are taught from the outset that our business operates as a one to one model. During events like Covid-19 we have all learned that we can adapt that one to one model. We no longer need to rely only on face to face clinic sessions if we don’t want to. Many of us have adapted quickly to one to one via zoom or online clinic platforms.

One thing that this current climate has taught us is that it is now more imperative than ever before to ensure we have more than one way of connecting with and growing our client-base and earning our income. 

For those that want to develop multiple ways to reach their clients, and earn income, then learning the digital marketing skills needed today is imperative.

Maggie is the ‘GoTo’ Practitioner expert to grow your client base. She operates a global Wellness Business and Publishing House. Her Healthcare Authors are taught her systems to grow their organic reach and build their audiences to keep them on top of a changing climate. 

Today you’ll learn the fundamental digital marketing steps you’ll need to future-proof your business too.

You’ll learn: 

  • The 7-step process to maximise your organic social media reach and grow your following with little or no ad spend

  • How to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) organically

  • How to Use Social Media to Support & Grow Your List – The old saying that the ‘money is in your list’, is now more real than ever before

  • The importance of a multi-pronged approach to communicate with and nurture potential new clients

  • Why the money is still in your list despite the common misconception that email marketing is dead – learn the basic steps to grow that list organically and maximise open rates

  • The basic steps to develop automated income streams doing more of what you love, sharing your message with more people, and future proofing your business.

About Your Presenter:

Maggie Wilde is The Potentialist

Her Workshops and Online Programs are renowned for over delivering on content and quality. Maggie is the founder of the C P R Brain Training Model and Virtual Stem-Cell Therapy™ She is the CEO of Mind Potential Publishing House, a Publisher exclusive to Healthcare Professionals and Executive Coaches. She is a 10-time award winning Author of 15 books and online brain training courses.

Recently Maggie was invited to host her own weekly radio show on the Law of Attraction Radio Network in Los Angeles with over 10 million listeners around the world. Her show Dare to Shine, shares her brain training strategies and regularly features world-renowned guests and her own Published Healthcare Practitioners, who now get to share their messages with a global audience too.

Maggie is regularly featured in press including Sunrise, A Current Affair, The Daily Edition, Sydney Morning Herald, London Daily Mail, San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, Women’s Day, Take 5 Magazine, Women’s Health & Fitness and so many more.

This will be a day you remember.