Victorian general meeting and workshop: Steven Blake - OldPain2Go & Janine Nash - Understanding Suicidal Ideation

Steven Blake - OldPain2Go & Janine Nash - Understanding Suicidal Ideation
28 February 2021
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One day online workshop with Steven Blake - OldPain2Go & Janine Nash - Understanding Suicidal Ideation via Zoom

Australian Hypnotherapists Association Victoria
Workshop & General Meeting
Sunday 28th February 2021 9am to 4pm

General meeting: 9.30am

Steven Blake: 10.00am -11.00am

Break:  11.00am - 11.15am

Steven Blake continued:  11.15am - 12.30

Lunch:  12.30 - 1.30pm

Janine Nash:  1.30pm - 2.45pm

Break:  2.45pm - 3.00pm

Janine Nash continued:  3.00pm - 4.30pm


Morning session:  Steven Blake - OldPain2Go

Steven has been developing OldPain2Go® for ten years. BrainBargaining™ is the concept behind OldPain2Go® which is the principle of conscious and unconscious working together with the practitioner acting as the negotiator/translator. Trance is not needed but can occur, and re-entry to a working state is instant, literally in the closing of their eyes. This concept/methodology may radically change how you currently work with clients. Training is just one day. Training concentrates on assisting clients who have physical pain issues that have lingered on, past it being of any value to them. It will be your knowledge and experience that also enables you to seamlessly translate it across to emotional pain – where it works just as effectively.

The session covers:

  1. Non-medical intervention, helping the client access their own self-healing

  2. How to quickly overcome any client/therapist barrier.

  3. How to work with the unconscious – without requiring any trance.

  4. The concept of BrainBargaining™, how to win over the unconscious with logic.

  5. Why the safety system should have a reset button.

  6. How to get the client to do all the work!

  7. How to act as a mind negotiator and translator.

  8. Detective work made simple, finding and dealing with the 2 stories that trap them in pain.

  9. Asking the unconscious what it thinks.

  10. How Pain can go in an instant.

  11. Draining away Pain, Tension and Inflammation.

  12. A method to help the client release trapped nerves.

  13. Installing a pacing system.

  14. Helping a client who has lifelong Back Pain issues, using AutoSomatics™

  15. Helping a client who has Allergies.

Steven's talk will cover the concepts he uses in his work not just for physical but also for emotional pain and how he is able to help people quickly and effectively.

Afternoon session:  Janine Nash - Understanding suicidal ideation 

Janine Nash is a Clinical Psychotherapist Hypnotherapist and has been helping people make changes in their lives for more than 20 years. Janine is proud and confident to say that over her 20 years’ experience there is no issue or problem in the world that she has not helped someone with.  

During those 20 years Janine has helped literally hundreds of people who have presented to her with Suicidal Ideations and she is very happy to help our members in this workshop learn how they can manage their clients who present with Suicidal Ideations.  

During this workshop you will learn

  • - What is suicidal ideation

  • - Different types of suicidal ideation

  • What to say and do if a client discloses

  • How to recognize if a client doesn’t disclose and what to say or do

  • Examples of conversations with clients who present with suicidal ideations

  • Your duty of care

  • Safety plans

  • Information to provide

  • Your self-care

Janine is a Certified trainer of Hypnotherapy, NLP and TimeLine Therapy.  Janine is also a Counsellor, a Stress Management Consultant and Certified trainer of Stress Management Consultants, an International SleepTalk® Consultant and a HypnoBirthing International® Practitioner.  

If you have never had training in how to work with suicidal clients, then it is recommended that you attend this workshop to provide you with the skills needed to help your suicidal clients.


Workshop Information.

Registration closes 25th February at 10 pm

The link to register / attend this meeting via Zoom will be sent to you via email on Friday the 26th of February.  This email will ask you to register with Zoom and will be sent to you from the list of registrations on the AHA website.  Please ensure you register via the AHA ( so that you receive the zoom meeting link.


Member | Non Member | Student

Members  - $80:00

Non Members - $95:00

Student - $55:00



Continuing Professional Development.

Members - 6 CPD Points for Workshop

Members - 1 CPD Points for General Meeting

Non Members - 6 CPD Points

A recording of this workshop is not automatically available to participants. The presenters will let you know on the day of any accompanying notes from their presentation should they be available and how to access the information.