AHA NSW General Meeting and Workshop - Eating disorders presented by Bianca Skilbeck and Bonnie Killip

AHA NSW General Meeting and Workshop - Eating disorders presented by Bianca Skilbeck and Bonnie Killip
29 November 2020
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Eating disorders: How to identify them, think about them and what to do next | Hypnosis in the treatment of Eating Disorders: Offering Clients the Chance to Step from Knowledge into Action


Sunday 29th November 2020

General Meeting starts at 9.15am

Workshop starts at 10.00am

Eating disorders: how to identify them, think about them and what to do next - Bianca Skilbeck


Hypnosis in the treatment of eating disorders: offering clients the chance to step from knowledge into action - Bonnie Killip


Eating disorders: How to identify them, think about them and what to do next presented by Bianca Skilbeck

What will be presented: 

  • The different types of eating disorders that you may encounter

  • The likelikhood of seeing a client with an eating disorder, even when you don't advertise for that

  • How to identify and assess for eating disorders in your clients

  • An introduction to the non-diet approach

  • The importance and advantages of working within a multidisciplinary team. 

What attendees will take away: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of the range of disordered eating presentations and their prevalence in the community

  • Assessment tools to use with clients

  • An introductory understanding of the non-diet approach and some of the most up to date thinking about eating disorder treatment

About Bianca Skilbeck:

In 2014, Bianca completed her training as a clinical hypnotherapist, at which point she went in to private practice and began her psychology degree though Monash University in Melbourne.

Having a special interest in the treatment of eating disorders, Bianca has continued to upskill in this field, undertaking numerous short courses and workshops over the years, and she is now listed as provider through Australia’s national peak eating disorder organisation, The Butterfly Foundation.

In more recent years, Bianca has become interested in intuitive eating and the Health at Every Size paradigm, and how these frameworks can help guide eating disorder recovery. Rebranding her practice to Freedom from Food, she has refocused to specifically cater for those with disordered eating, chronic dieting, body image dissatisfaction and gut health. Bianca uses a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques including but not limited to cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, hypnosis, resource therapy and gestalt therapy. She has a special interest in working with and understanding the mind-body connection, and how the individual can work to integrate all parts of themselves to create more peace and acceptance in their lives. 

Hypnosis in the treatment of Eating Disorders:  offering clients the chance to step from knowledge into action presented by Bonnie Killip


  • Why use hypnosis in eating disorder treatment?

  • Examples of how hypnosis can be a useful tool in helping people recover from eating disorders

  • How to incorporate hypnosis into your treatment plan

  • Specific hypnotherapy “techniques” I commonly use with patients

  • The different stages of recovery and how to help at each

  • The importance of a “multidisciplinary” approach/team

  • My experience as patient and therapist 

What you will take away from this presentation:

  • Understand what Eating Disorders are (and are not) 

  • Identify when a patient may be living with an eating disorder

  • Understand why hypnosis is an invaluable tool in helping patients recover

  • The main areas to focus on to help your patient recover during the different stages of recovery

  • Have specific hypnosis “techniques” you can use immediately with patients 

  • Feel confident in your ability to help 

About Bonnie Killip:

Bonnie Killip comes from a background in biomedical science and went on to become a dietitian and clinical hypnotherapist due to her own lived experience with anorexia nervosa and her appreciation for the important role nutrition and the health of our brains play in preventing illness and promoting wellbeing.

Bonnie has worked in a diverse array of settings including hospital and community and has experience in a range of medical specialties from oncology, diabetes, surgical and cardiovascular to renal.

Her area of interest now is in working with people in recovery from eating disorders and treating those with mental health problems including depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, PTSD and Asperger’s as well as conditions considered chronic such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

Bonnie is based on the Sunshine Coast (SC), Queensland where she runs her private practice (Fuelling Success) from Kon-Tiki Medical Centre in Maroochydore as well as working with clients worldwide via Zoom. She employs a combination of nutrition and neurobiology to facilitate her clients to build the real life skills and resources they need in order to optimally fuel their body and mind so they can perform at their best and enjoy life. 

Bonnie publishes a truly unique weekly blog on topics related to brain, body and mind health (www.fuellingsuccess.com), runs workshops on how to incorporate clinical and medical hypnotherapy into client care for allied health practitioners, is a speaker for Eating Disorders Queensland (EDQ) where she delivers presentations for doctors and allied health on how to best engage patients in recovery from eating disorders, is involved with Australia’s first Eating Disorder residential facility set to open next year on the SC and has just finished her first book (Ready Now, Your Guide to Doing Recovery From Anorexia Nervosa Different This Time). 

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Venue:  Zoom video conferencing

Schedule for the day:

09:15 - 09:45                AHA General Meeting
09:45 - 10:00                Break
10:00 - 12:30                Bianca Skilbeck
12:30 - 13:30                Break
13:30 - 16:00                Bonnie Killip


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