AHA WA General Meeting and Workshop with Fabienne Michea

Using recent research into unexplained infertility to treat unexplained medical conditions
15 November 2020
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Fabienne uses her research into unexplained infertility to also treat other unexplained medical conditions

A.H.A (WA) General Meeting



Sunday 15th November 2020  

Using recent research into unexplained infertility to treat unexplained medical conditions


Fabienne Michea 






Fabienne Michea





About Your Presenter:

Fabienne graduated as a social worker in France and worked there for a few years before moving to Australia. She went on working in Australia, first in child protection and then in a few clinical social work positions.

Her experience in an adoption agency, and later at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne led her to develop a keen interest into both unexplained infertility and the phenomenon of somatisation.

Realising the importance of body-mind connection was a motivator to develop knowledge in hypno-psychotherapy and she obtained an advanced diploma with ICHP.

She has recently finished a master’s degree in counselling at the university of Notre Dame and is in the process of converting the content of her thesis into a book.  


I will be sharing the results of my thesis titled “How do women make sense of their experience of spontaneous conception following unexplained infertility?”

This research was exploring the possible non-medical factors of unexplained infertility, and it showed encouraging results as many psycho-socio-emotional factors were identified by the participants in this research.

I have used these results to guide my practice around a lot of other idiopathic conditions, such as skin disorders, intestinal disorders and chronic pain.

In the first part of the presentation, we will be looking at the factors contributing to unexplained infertility.

This allows us to acquire knowledge and gain insight into the hidden factors behind some medical conditions. This in turns can help guide our assessments of people presenting with unexplained medical conditions. We will discuss the importance of the assessment process.

The second part will cover the treatment of idiopathic conditions once the challenges have been identified. We will be looking at the current research around self-compassion, increased resilience through increased vagal tone, the importance of acceptance, letting go, core beliefs and forgiveness as the general approach and the psychotherapeutic tools available to us to treat individual conditions.

Depending on time restrictions we would like to spend a part of the day networking, it’s been a while since some of us have been able to get together face to face, we would like to also do some Case Study Explorations. Please bring with you one or two case studies that we can work with together.



General Meeting


Sunday 15th November 2020 


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9:00 am - 3.00pm

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