Online CPD courses!

Online CPD courses!
20 July 2022
Available from the AHA shop page

More online courses have been added today and still more will come in the next month. For many years, the AHA has promised members online CPD - particularly our many rural, regional and remote members - it is finally here! The details were announced at the national annual general meeting on Sunday the 23rd of June, 2019.

We have two online courses available via the Intuto platform with another to follow very shortly afterwards.  These can be purchased via the AHA website shop page and feature the amazing Maggie Wilde.  

Presented by Maggie Wilde - PD courses: CPR Brain Training ™ - where Hypnotherapy meets Neuroplasty (4 CPD points)

As Hypnotherapists we know there are often many layers to our client challenges. Understanding and clearing the layers of secondary and tertiary gains is imperative for your client’s long-term success and your reputation. This interactive workshop provides an easy explanation of the fundamental bond between neuroplasticity, hypnosis and other aligned modalities. You will have a simple way to explain the principles of change to your clients in a way that gets them excited about the prospect and onboard with you to work in partnership to achieve the change they desire. By helping your clients understand how to achieve long-term success, you eliminate ‘the magic pill’ syndrome making it easier to get your clients actively involved with you in the change they want. You create happier clients willing to do what it takes and you get eager referrals and raving fans.

Grow Your Business Using Facebook - How to Use Facebook & Other Social Media to Support & Grow Your Business (4 CPD points)

Presented by Maggie Wilde - "I thought I knew a lot about Facebook, it turned out I knew very little"!!  This course is so informative and is such a positive tool for your business.  Maggie shares methods, tools and valuable personal experience.  This course is a must do!

More courses will be available in August 2019.